Changes, changes have come!

Opublikowano: 2014-01-23
We have been considering a Windu CMS blog for quite some time now, but so far we have had more pressing issues to deal with. We also had many doubts whether we are a big enough project do write a blog. What use would it be? Do we have anything interesting to share with the world? Most importantly: would anyone actually want to read our posts?!

Many things have changed over the last year. Some of the came almost unnoticed, under the cover of a tedious, long term development process. Others came into Windu CMSs life with a bang. Especially the last few months brought on a real revolution. We finally got an office, expanded our team, did a few interviews and publications and had meetings with first potential investors. We also began to give ourselves specific goals and planned out (if in the start-up world planning ahead is even possible...) our projects future.

Before we realised we went from being a tiny home grown project to a real start-up, getting settled in on the market. The most significant event, which in the end pushed us to write this entry, was yesterdays UPC Think Big Contest final..

A lot of our fans and observers no doubt remember the voting process to which we whole heartedly encouraged you to participate in. In November 2013 we were chosen by the jury to take part in the semi-final. Thanks to the support of our community we became the leader, with a record 1700 votes.


Our projects real test was yesterdays finals gala. We had to present not only our idea for a business, but more importantly, prove that it has potential and that we are capable of realising it. We were judged by a panel that included: Dariusz Bogdan - Undersecretary in the Ministry of Economy, Michał Brański - cofounder o2 Group, Grzegorz Kiszluk - editor in Chief of Brief magazine, Olga Kozierowska - creator of the Sukces Pisany Szminką project, Barbara Sielicka - editor of, Artur Kurasiński - blogger and businessman, Bartłomiej Gola - Managing partner of SpeedUp Venture Capital Group, Agnieszka Zawistowska - Director of services for UPC Poland and Patrycja Gołos - Director of corporate and public policy at UPC Poland.

Aside from presenting out project we had to defend it, answering the panel of experts. It was not easy! In the end we were able to convince the panel to our solutions. Windu CMS took the second spot, winning the 10 000zł prize to be used for further development. We also got a distinction and an invite to a meeting concerning the future of our start-up with the SpeedUp Group Venture Capital. Not bad for our first public presentation, eh? :)


This gave us some food for thought. Emotions are still running high and yesterdays excitement is still powering us better than caffeine, but we have a rational overview of the situation and about the changes that need to be made to our venture. Recent events have shown that we are not a small project expanding for our own needs anymore. People with a lot of experience appreciate what we are doing. We met other, incredible teams and their products. We received many kind words of support, congratulations from people assured of our coming success. I don't want to spout clichés about our products potential being recognized. We have known that Windu is a great product all along. I mean, we use it ourselves. Never the less it is nice to hear that other - not only our families and friends - share our conviction. The direction we have chosen can be deemed the right one. At least for now...:)

We see this win as a immense chance - thanks to the funding from UPC we can move on to implementing Windu Cloud, and the time it will take for SaaS to enter the market can be shortened by 1,5-2 months. This, our first major success, is only the beginning and further motivates us to work hard. Meanwhile this entry is the beginning of WinduBlog, let it be an optimistic light for our long and bumpy start-up road. Thank you for being with us. Don't go anywhere, because this is definitely not our last word!:)

Anna Karcz-Czajkowska,
Adam Czajkowski,
team WinduCMS