• Startup Fest - what's next?


    Some time ago I wrote that we were in the final 20 of Startup Fest - one of the biggest events on Polish startup scene. Although you can have some heated discussions on the topic of this so called "polish scene", I can say one thing about SF with full certainty. It was amazing! We did not win, but taking responsibility and without needless coquetry I proclaim that: we did not expect to win. We did not count on it and it was not the reason we came. The most important elements for us were the mentoring sessions. We treated Startup Fest as an occasion to look at our project from...

  • Windu in the Startup Fest finals


    On Monday we got some wonderful news. We are in the finals of Startup Fest ! Out of 300 applicants 20 startups have been chosen, among them Windu CMS. The other projects that are competing are: Shoople.pl, MySpiroo, Telmedicin, Shelly Cloud, Automater, Brix.io, Prześwietl.pl, NUTLANDIA, Harimata, Tidio Elements, Wooloo.pl, Magnesowy, Selly, Enteye, Social WiFi, BoxOfAds.com, Ecologic, Audiofy, Clouto. What does this mean for us? Most importantly, the need to work hard. Even harder than before. After the euphoric Friday (we didn't expect this, really!) and reining...

  • Where did Windu CMS come from? A bit of history.


    Continuing from last week’s post introducing you to the world of Windu, it is time for a bit of history . The beginning of Windu, despite its recent entry onto the market, can be found further back than you can imagine! It started rather simply: Adam, still in elementary school, began to learn html basics. Quickly his new skills allowed him to create simple websites. To this day he remember his first big project - the site for his boy scout troupe:)  This was probably the moment that defined the future direction of Windu CMSs creator. DTo create his sites, Adam used...

  • Changes, changes have come!


    We have been considering a Windu CMS blog for quite some time now, but so far we have had more pressing issues to deal with. We also had many doubts whether we are a big enough project do write a blog. What use would it be? Do we have anything interesting to share with the world? Most importantly: would anyone actually want to read our posts?! Many things have changed over the last year. Some of the came almost unnoticed, under the cover of a tedious, long term development process. Others came into Windu CMSs life with a bang. Especially the last few months brought on a real...