Where did Windu CMS come from? A bit of history.

Opublikowano: 2014-01-28
Continuing from last week’s post introducing you to the world of Windu, it is time for a bit of history. The beginning of Windu, despite its recent entry onto the market, can be found further back than you can imagine!

It started rather simply: Adam, still in elementary school, began to learn html basics. Quickly his new skills allowed him to create simple websites. To this day he remember his first big project - the site for his boy scout troupe:) 
This was probably the moment that defined the future direction of Windu CMSs creator.

DTo create his sites, Adam used various systems: from Fusion PHP to early versions of Wordpress. Most of them were good, but not good enough. None of them were fully satisfactory, each one had some elements missing. There were things that annoyed and others that frustrated.
In this way the idea to create his own CMS, based on the experiences with contemporary systems slowly grew. In 2001 the first version, JCD CMS1, was created. It had practically nothing to do with the current Windu CMS, even the name was different. The system could not do much, in essence it could only save the content of a subpage with the use of a browser. That was it. It was the first though. His first, and his own, written at the age of 15!:) Later there were versions 2, 3 and 4. 


In the meantime the need for a more complete system came about, one that would make work easier. That is how WincuCMS 1 got its start. It was written structurally as PHP4. It had its own template system, akin to SMARTY - although with a lot less features. It fulfilled the basic needs:
  • easy installation
  • fast scripts
  • ergonomics
Simplifying the installation was done by abolishing the data base. The speed at which scripts worked in an era of poor hosting services was key - the CMS could not put the server under a heavy load. The ergonomics resulted from an increasing number of orders for new sites: their creation had to be simple and comfortable, without unnecessary operations. Everything was reduced to minimal necessary steps.

WinduCMS 1

Even at that time it was obvious that WinduCMS 1 needed polishing. The structural code was exceptionally hard to further develop functionally. The need for new features grew...the system needed a breath of fresh air.

Another revolution came in 2010, when Adam - at the time a student Warsaw University of Technology - begin to work with the group Pomocni.pl. There, aside from working on the company’s services (mainly niania.pl) he had the chance to learn from one of the founders, Marcina Poperlarza. Working with him inspired Adam to change the way he thought about the systems mechanics.

Half a year later he began to write Windu from scratch. The basic principles did not changed since 2006 - simplicity, speed and ergonomics remained the most important goals. Achieving them required writing the system all over again. This time object PHP was used, the SQLite database replaced MySQL, the code was divided into independent plug-ins and many other tricks were utilized.

Windu2   Admin 2

The result of this new approach was an early beta of WinduCMS 2 released a few months later. On this stage of the project Krzysiek Ruszczyński ,an amazing PHP developer, gave his support.
Adding a second programmer to the team turned out to be the thing to do. Work on the CMS was about much more than just coding. Aesthetics and usability are equally important. Until 2012 Adam was basically doing everything on his own: backend, frontend, graphics. All the while running a small interactive agency and working with clients. Krzysiek came in with a more focused programmers view, he took over the creation of the database engine and server updates, which allowed Adam to concentrate on new features.

It is worth adding that his masters was also about Windu. This ended up interesting Sebastian Miecielica - the promoters son and a wonderful young man, who some of you may know from our forum. He (using the nickname rwd5) supports our community, answers questions, gives tips and helps in solving technical issues. In addition, he tests and codes new templates and widgets.

Around this time I - Ania Karcz-Czajkowska, joined the team. The similar names are not a coincidence - half a year ago I became a permanent part of Windu CMS!:-)
Like Adam I took my first professional steps at niania.pl. That is where I heard about Windu for the first time, and became convinced that it is a revolutionary project. To be honest at the time I understood little of the programming jargon (even today it is sometimes tough...) - but seeing Adams passions and commitment with which he was building Windu, made me confident in its success.
Now, I am mostly in charge of marketing, PR, social media and more recently, our blog. In other words I take care of everything that our technically thinking programmers can't grasp;)

At the turn of 2012/2013 we released WinduCMS 2.1 with a licensing system onto the market. We increased efficiency, introduced numerous new tools: firewall, mailing system support, in place editor, widget update system that work directly from our servers among other useful features. The list of all the updates and additions can be found in the news section: http://en.windu.org/news

At the time of writing we are testing version 2.4 and the first beta will be released on our forum within a week!:) 

WinduCMS   Admin 2

Currently we are working on WinduCloud - a CMS modelled after SaaS that allows the users to creates websites. So website creation in the future may not be the sole domain of web developers with knowledge of html, css and databases. We want WinduCloud to make it easier for businessmen, organizations and individual clients with no previous programming knowledge.

Thanks to our experience in running our own interactive agency we know exactly what ails the statistical user. We know his needs, expectations and how he uses websites. We are creating a system that will allow the user to create their own, functional and aesthetically pleasing website in a few simple steps, using a drag and drop method.

At the same time we are working on entering the international market - this year we want to focus on everything in Europe and Russia.

The last few weeks brought on a few unexpected twists, which makes us extremely interested in what 2014 will bring. We will keep you informed!:)

Ania Karcz-Czajkowska