Windu in the Startup Fest finals

Opublikowano: 2014-03-19
On Monday we got some wonderful news. We are in the finals of Startup Fest! Out of 300 applicants 20 startups have been chosen, among them Windu CMS. The other projects that are competing are:, MySpiroo, Telmedicin, Shelly Cloud, Automater,, Prześ, NUTLANDIA, Harimata, Tidio Elements,, Magnesowy, Selly, Enteye, Social WiFi,, Ecologic, Audiofy, Clouto.


What does this mean for us? Most importantly, the need to work hard. Even harder than before. After the euphoric Friday (we didn't expect this, really!) and reining in the explosions of happiness, we once again understood that expectations loom over Windu like storm clouds. An increasing number of people are watching the project, waiting to see the effects of the work we, and others, have put in. The contests we have won, the support we have received, consultations and all of the kindness and interest, which we have gotten in the past few months were an integral part of our work. We know that many of you: our fans, mentors, business partners and potential investors are looking at our hands and waiting for tangible results. That is great! It gives us additional motivation. I know that after months of talking about our plans, ambitions and drafts of our SaaS Windu, someone will finally say "let me see it!" - and we will be forced to show what we have accomplished. We have a lot, though it is still too little.

That is why Mondays distinction and the upcoming Startup Fest final is just another deadline for us We must work hard and polish our tools. That is not all though. We have to, not for the first time, sit down and think about our business plan. Discuss future steps, decide on the path we will take in our development over the next weeks and months. This is not easy. Nothing is constant, at this stage of the project we need to be as flexible as possible. Every day we get new data, new problems arise and new opportunities open up, what is worse new ideas pop up as well. Of course each one is the best, the most worthy of recognition. The problem is that there is always too little time to implement everything, which means that we have to constantly move new ideas into the "do after we get an investor" to do list. When will that be? We don't know.
We have to make hard choices, we can't become attached to just one vision. That is why work on a startup is not only coding and thinking up new features - we have become aware that it is also tedious conceptual work and a constant battle for a clear and cohesive image of what we are trying to achieve.

For this reason on March 27 and 28 we won't only be competing for the prize, but more importantly looking for new experiences. For us, Startup Fest means the ability to discuss out project with our mentors, to share our doubts and to get priceless feedback. If we also happen to win, we won’t complain though!;)

More about the event and the most interesting project, which got through to the final can be read on the SF website:,24,finalisci-startup-fest-agora-2014

Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed!:)

Anna Karcz-Czajkowska